About Porsa Chem

Porsa Chem Exir is a manufacturer of chemicals for optimizing industrial water (Cooling Tower, boiler, RO systems, etc.).The company provides the most comprehensive package of chemicals, equipment and technical services to help customers for managing and optimizing water resources and process in the industry.



Applying suitable equipment, materials, technology and standards around the world along with the very convenient production space, providing all customers' orders in all oil and gas industries, petrochemicals, refineries, transmission lines, steam production systems, cooling towers, RO Systems, cement, mines and drilling pits, etc., in the shortest possible time.


Quality Control

Despite the well-equipped laboratory, while controlling the quantity and quality of raw material during production and final products, it also has the ability to provide laboratory services to public and private companies.



This department, with the help of its experienced staff, university professors and external consultants, is ready to provide advice, determine the effective formulation with the least amount of materials used.

Also, holding free training courses and seminars for those customers who are willing to raise awareness of their employees are the company's permanent policies.



Full implementation of the policies of the consulting sector, as well as price estimation, even for small industrial centers in the shortest possible time, and proper response to the needs of customers before and after the sales process are the duties of this department.